There you have it ladies and gents. Pro-Spec Autosport has been in business under the same ownership for 17 year!  Throughout years, we have seen the car scene changed drastically.  Watching the trend change constantly. We have come a long way from cutting springs on Japanese cars due to lack of parts in the US market to now full on support with tons of companies dumping money into R&D for all new vehicles as soon as manufacturer release them.  With that being said, we had the pleasure to see and drive the new 2017 Subaru BRZ “Yellow Edition”.











What makes the yellow edition so special? Well, only 500 of them are made.  Facelift on the 2017 model can be seen compared to last year’s model of the BRZ.  LED headlamp and fog lamps.  The engine internals and intake manifold has been upgraded thus creating more power. Also the suspension and brakes has been retuned as well.  If you love the color yellow and like rare, limited production stuff.  This is the car for you.  But, if you do not like the color yellow, you can always buy the limited trim level and add the performance package to it.


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